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This website gives information about the oloid.

The oloid movie.

In this movie I talk about the way the oloide has been discovered, following directions of Rudolf Steiner. Please sit down and enjoy the 16 minute movie. Click on the picture to start the movie. On youtube you can select subtitels in the lanquage of your choice. Default subtitle language is english, click on settings to change to your preferred language

On the bottom of this page you can find some addition to this movie.


In addition to the oloid movie we made an additional movie about the elongation of the oloid.


In my webshop you can order your Oloid. Many more oloids then offered in the webshop are available.  Please contact me bij mail or telephone if you need information. Oloids can be shipped worldwide.


All oloids sold by are handcrafted. This means that in the production of the oloid machines are used but that the form of the oloid is shaped by hand. Therefore all oloids are unique products. All oloids have a beewax finish.


My mission is to tell as many people as possible about the oloid. To reach this goal is allways on tour to promote the oloid. Talking about the oloid, giving the people the opportunity to experience the power of the oloid is the main goal. presents itself on markets and in seminars and workshops. On these events also sells oloids. is allways looking for opportunities to reach more people. If you see possibilities to reach this goal, please contact me Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. Thank you very much in advance.


Additions to the Oloid film

After the film's launch, a number of imperfections to the film have come to my attention:

- In the film, the assignment of elements to the octahedron and the icosahedron is reversed. It must be Octahedron: air and Icosahedron: water

- Further research shows that the timeline from Rudolf Steiner's statement to the discovery of the invertible cube is incorrect. Paul Schatz attended only one Rudolf Steiner lecture in Munich in January 1922. In this lecture has not been spoken about inversion.

- Rudolf Steiner has paid attention to inversion in several lectures, but the assignment as indicated in the film comes via Dan Cruze as a quote from Rudolf Steiner in his meeting with Paul Schatz. This quote was until now not found in any of Rudolf Steiner's lectures. See the links page for the Dan Cruze movie on youtube.

- In the oloid movie it is said that the dutch artist MC Escher was also involved in inversion. On closer inspection, it is unclear to me whether this is the case. The kaleidocycles of which Escher is famous are inversions (and the invertible chain is an orthogonal kaleidocycle), but it's unclear whether Escher had anything to do with this. Escher's drawings did fit very well on the kaleidocycles and are therefore used, but it seems that this was done by others.

- Last but not least, no attention has been paid to the length of the oloid in the oloide movie. The oloids that I make do not have the ratio 2: 3 (like the oloid which is a result of the inversion of the cube), but the ratio 2: 3,4. This has several reasons which are explained on the website. Recently, research has been conducted into oloids in this ratio and into the differences with an oloid as it comes from the inversion of a cube. It is the intention that an additional movie will be made available on this in the short term. (See De Oloide De verlenging (The Oloid The Elongation) on this page).



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